Alt rock band, The Side Deal and Goldie Records released a beautiful visualizer inspired by Johnny Nash’s seminal hit “I Can See Clearly Now” today,  June 5th 2020.  The lyric video was presented  earlier this morning via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and all other global platforms. In the midst of a global pandemic, Goldie Records and the band are releasing this song to remind everyone to be strong and positive for better days to come while under a health crisis and pandemic encircling around COVID-19. The video provides some fresh air  and 20/20 clear vision to a year that keeps getting clouded with pandemics and turmoil.


Lyric Video Depicts Post Stay At Home Order To Represent Better Days Ahead

The Side Deal is a collaboration band of four artists; Charlie Colin (Train), Stan Frazier (Sugar Ray), and Joel & Scott Owen (PawnShop Kings). Following their successful independent careers, each man found themselves part of a meeting which concluded in a musical bond of sound that led to wonderful creative output and deep friendships. The Side Deal produces music that showcases 4-part harmony, modern Alternative Rock sound.  

The visual is nicely produced and the song is perfectly dosed shot in the arm. “Our aim with this imagery tied to our recording of this classic song is to bring hope for better days ahead, reminding each of us that there will be an inevitable return to normalcy. Better times are ahead where smiles and togetherness will heal the varying degrees of loss that have touched us all.”

As the world approaches a return to normalcy, the global population strives to balance the challenges that have impacted us all. This recording and the accompanying video strives to bring light to our collective lives as a reminder of the World we once knew. A life experience that inevitably will return bringing interaction, joy, and togetherness into our daily routines.  Sights and sounds of an existence that all occupants of the planet have missed through the need for social distancing in the hopes of eradicating this pandemic. We hope you enjoy it, and that the visuals provide a momentary reminder of what our future holds as human beings on this Earth. Just press play and please feel free to share.

Goldie Records, LLC is a start-up label headed by serial entrepreneur “Goldie” and veteran executive Lee Heiman, founder and partner of music marketing company Track Marketing.  The company’s first signing is The Side Deal. The record label will operate as a full-service concern enabling talent the founders are passionate about to reach their potential in establishing global careers. The company is designed as a modern hybrid establishing a partnership with artists and their repertoire to fulfil individual creative promise. Additional signings are planned in the future.

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