Chad Ochocinco's Beachwear

This is what NFLer, Chad Ochocinco wore to the beach. Pay attention to the ORANGE SHOES!

His Twitpic description said: "Headed to relax at the beach,music,cigar,red bull-cran juice and people watching"

I guess he makes up for it with this baby blue sports coat he sported this weekend. Don't they make a cute couple? Evelyn looks great.


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  2. First of all, if Evelyn came to the hood that ass would be beat. I can't stand Evelyn beacause she is a messy ass bitch. I wish i could really get at this bitch!! Second of all, why would you want to mess with another NFL man, when the last one cheated on you? (thats stupid)This goes to show, no matter how pretty you are...if a man is going to cheat he is gonna cheat. MAN MAN MAN....if only i could get through the tv! Evelyn throws temper tantrums, by throwing shit around like wine bottles, and plant stands, jumping all over tables in public places....bitch fight fair nuck to nuck! What kind of grown woman does shit like this?? How old is she again? She don't throw temper tantrums with Tami Roman! Evelyn grown the fuck up! You have a grown daughter for Pete's sake!.....MS.TASHIA


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