Explosion of Expression!

When you get to sorting all of your clothes, it'll probably be hard to target one archetype. I know I made my own, which I think is true for most girls. We buy what we like and we take these pieces and make our own story with them. We often channel our olden-day idols into our modern-day fashion mindsets and the product is a renewed recycling.

This renewed recycling is made evident in New Orleans fashion. Whether you're strolling along Frenchman Street or skipping through the boutiques of the French Quarter, you will find an eccentric culture unlike any other in this sweet little city with a big heart.

Though known for its artsy core, little is noted of my dear hometown's fashion sense. The reason for this may be because locals portray such melodious inconsistency in their dress. We go for what feels right; we make our own story, however eclectic it may be.

On any given evening, you'll find a woman wearing a simple plaid dress, but decked out in silver jewelry or a man wearing a stylish grey vest over a tattered tee with kelly green high tops. A common trend in New Orleans, however, is easy clothing; whether this implies a simple yellow sundress with flip flops and a fedora or a grungy oversized tee with a chic skinny belt.

People here make a festival of the simplicity of a strawberry, pour music into the streets instead of pollution, and eat lots of spicy foods just to match the fiery atmosphere. It's only fitting that the New Orleanian-styled street fashion displays the same level of vivacity.


  1. I believe this article defines originality to its greatest. New Orleans is known for its originality in many things:L foods, environment, festivities, but it was never known for its taste in fashion. Although many will agree with that, your article proves them all wrong because they are all original.

    The people in New Orleans cares only about what THEY like, not what anyone else does and that is what makes them so unique and beautiful. I love the collage, it shows the uniqueness in every bit and piece.

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