Summertime Fiiine

We all love the summer. Less clothing, outdoor festivities, vacations and everything associated with it…well, not everything. Summertime puts a lot of us in a predicament when it comes to beauty. Our hair, make up and skincare routines from the previous seasons just wont do! For a easy, breezy summer routine and look, I suggest the following:

Multitasking products.

If you can cover three steps in your beauty regime with one product, then why not??? Try Stila’s Sheer Colored Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30. It’s a moisturizer, a sun protector and foundation in one. And it’s totally oil-free, perrrrfect for this sticky weather. After washing the face, those are usually the following steps anyhow. Bobbi Brown and Philosophy also make noteworthy versions of this product.

Next, try The Multiple by Nars. Trust me, its great. This product comes in stick form and can be used as a highlighter and cheek/lip/eye color. The Orgasm shade is absolutely phenomenal, which is why it’s been the brands (and Sephora’s) best-selling shade for years…and got a shout-out by Drake.

See, you have your whole face done with only two products. Maybe I should’ve called this ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Glam’. Naaah, that doesn’t fully represent how freaking GORG you’re going to look after these two products/tips enter your beauty arsenal. So you can leave it there OR, for my true glam fiends out there, you can add what I like to call The Finisher. Queue the drums.

MAC Gold Deposit

This is going to give you the glow factor. This is what MAC likes to call a ‘skin finisher’. Universal hot color Gold Deposit by MAC releases the perfect amount of ‘glow’. Apply this sparingly down the bridge of your nose, the temples of your forehead, right on top of your cheek bones and right below your bottom lip for a natural sunkissed look. Trust, you will be rivaling the likes of J.Lo and Kerry Washington at this point. Selita Ebanks who?

For hair, the less you have to touch it, the better. The summer heat alone is damaging enough. Good conditioning treatments(Phyto, Mizani and definitely Redken Extreme in the blue bottle) and light oils (any product with argan or jojoba oil) will keep your hair protected while in extensions, braided/natural looks or just slicked to the back like the lovely aforementioned Ms. Ebanks.

And there you have it, the perfect summer tips/products to get you summertime fine.