Taste of Tokyo

Last week, a series of standbys and last minute packing landed me in LAX to visit my boyfriend. In my quest for prospective fashion trends in the City of Angels the more obvious choice would have been to hit up Rodeo Drive. Because I didn't want to be single at the end of this trip we ventured downtown into Little Tokyo where I found PopKillers. This shop is a little slice of hipster paradise. With four branches and a print shop in California, as well as an online store the quirky Japanese influence is becoming more accessible than ever.

The shop features clothes, accessories, gadgets, and vintage pieces for all ages. Their printed tees are loud and playful, designed and manufactured locally by artists. FUN TO WEAR. FUN TO PLAY as inscribed under their logo is no understatement. I personally am obsessed with these bug eye shades and these faux mustaches. Here is the link to their website-ENJOY!