Tatted-up: Tattoos are celebs must have fashion accessories

Tat... tat... tatted up....

So... I feel like tattoos have become the latest celebrity fashion accessory. Except they tend to over accessorize. You've got to have a tattoo on your neck, arm, wrist, and chest. And not just one of each. But I must admit that I am a fan of tattoo. I even have one myself...

Whereas tattoos used to be reserved for the edgy bikers and only those reppin their "thug life" and respective area code; tattoos have gone mainstream. Hipsters love them. rappers are addicted to them. They serve as art and are best displayed with a simple v-neck tshirt, wifebeater, or just plain shirtless...


  1. nobody thinks what they will look like when ther older..lol

  2. Neva new Chris Brown was tat'd up lik dat


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