Vintage Could NEVER Be Old!

I'm sort of a vintage loving girl. It's that something old that looks like something new but equally as fabulous as a new trend. For a few years now, I've gone from and now I've elevated to and when it comes to vintage-indie clothes and accessories. Even if they don't offer "authentic" pieces, they offer that authentic feeling of any Era! On my search of the best vintage finds I came across a little online store called Fruition LV (

I've falling in LOVE with this site because of it's urban vintage finds-such as Jordan Tank Tops, Levi Jackets, Ralph Lauren Polo Apparel- and my favorite of all designer finds for men and women. You can find archived Chanel Bags, Givenchy Coats, Hermes Scarfs, Moschino Belts and much more, all 100% Authentic! I promise who ever came up with this site is a genius!