DIY Summer Accessory

If you have become a scissor fiend like myself-cropping old shirts and jeans until your hands are sore from chopping I have the perfect solution for all of that extra fabric you have lying around!

Take the longer scraps, trim as necessary and try these three easy looks. A stretchy cotton based fabric works best for headbands, just use bobby pins to make them stay put if your head is resistant like mine ;)

This look is so cute and simple! Just pin one end of the the strip of fabric where you would like the flower's center to be. Twist the fabric until it begins to coil. Then just wrap into a flower and pin the end underneath.

For extra big pieces that do not have end pieces you can try wrapping it twice to make a scarf or headband. Good luck, and whatever you do NO MATCHING THE ACCESSORY WITH ITS ORIGINAL SHIRT. Unless you are a high school cheerleader or in Preschool that is never ok...

Happy Snipping!!!