Male Blipster/ Hipster: 101

Have you ever walked into your neighborhood coffee shop in the middle of the day, noticed some slim dude with a shiny macbook, soy latte, and organic cotton tee, looking cool as fuck, jamming to God knows what? Chances are he's a hipster or blipster (black hipster) and you want to bite his style.

I can't teach you how to how to be a hipster-- hug trees, avoid gluten, smoke weed, and befriend PETA; rather this post will show you how to look like one.

Step 1:
Lose 20 lbs. There is no such thing as a fat hipster. Any extra pudge will give you away immediately.

Step 2:
Find some really cool ass t-shirts. T-shirts are a staple for hipster fashion. Blipsters tend to favor a slightly looser fitting tee, wear up and coming t-shirt designers with cool graphics...

Step 3:
You need cool plastic framed glasses. Wayfarers are always a safe bet. Ray Bans are a hipster's good friend.

Step 4:
Skinny jeans, converse sneakers, vans, iPads, pods, and, phones; avoid belts and guts--think early 80's when in doubt, and you can wing the rest.