Oval Nails:Not Just for Hollywood?

When it comes to nails, we all know that oval is in! Celebrities are taking their ultra chic manicures to a new level with hot oval designs that always steal the show. Rihanna was one of the first A-lister's to blast the trend and since then , names like Jennifer Lopez, and even Christian Dior have embraced the "O." Honestly, not only Hollywood's hottest are rocking the newest fashion trend. People just like you and I are obsessed with having this small connection to the "Beautiful people." But how do you achieve the look for the low and still keep up with the fashion? It's Simple! If your on a budget and need to quickly shape your nails, take a nail file and shape your nails to the oval shape making sure you soften your edges. Choose the desired polish or design, and let dry! Having intricate designs that set you apart from the competition is a sure fire way for your hands to steal the show. Having the perfect nails is just one way that you can have the perfect summer look without ever worrying about looking mundane!


  1. great article! funny that you used J-Lo as an example... wonder if Marc Anthony didn't like the oval nails...

  2. I love the finger nails I remember when brother wore his black suits and my nail was hit by his coat and then I got broken nails. I love the design its different and unique.


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