Best Year Ever: Rihanna

Rihanna has got to be having the best year ever. I cannot go one block in New York City without hearing 'S + M', 'Man Down' or even 'Only Girl in the World' (and that song has got to be approaching it's first birthday). Then, Rihanna has ad campaigns coming out of her ass. I go to get my Teddy Grahams fix before work (don't judge me) and she's at the check out line trying to sell me pocket-sized Nivea hand creme. I go to get on the subway and she's on a poster looking all Carribean slinging coconut water. She's on news stands (Glamour, Cosmopolitan) and in department stores (Rebelle Fluer, anyone?). Now, she's been named the new face of Emporio Armani's Underwear and Jean lines. Vogue Italia has even named her their pick for 2011's 'Woman of the Year'. Rih Rih is definitely getting it in. I need some of that damn coconut water.