Designer Spotlight: Chayanne Villaverde chats about Fortune Five™

Chayanne Villaverde 's line, FORTUNE FIVE officially launched in 2009 and mainly focuses on political and social topics surrounding our daily lives.

He tells UrbFash that over the past 2 and half years the line has been through its up and downs as well as transitioning into what it has become today.

The theme of the line revolves around the rich Egyptian culture and history. "Reason being is due to my love for ancient history" he reveals.

FORTUNE FIVE's main logo is a Pharaoh exuding power, knowledge and righteousness. "I wanted to make a brand that would stand out in the fashion industry while sending a compelling message." says Villaverde.

Above, this Fortune Five™ tee features IUWT (IN US WE TRUST) logo decked in various animal patterns.

Villaverde's business model is simple: While many brands today mainly focus on luxury, at FORTUNE FIVE we stick by our motto "IN US WE TRUST," which he says, means believing in yourself as the only way to get ahead.

MADE of 100% COTTON. This Fortune Five™ tee features our CHILD REBEL SOLDIER logo fused with the Libyan flag. Underneath has our slogan "IN US WE TRUST" in arabic. This was created to raise awarness about children living in violence due to war & corruption. Retains at $22. Available online here.

The line is currently in the first phase of the fall and winter collection. Snapback hats will be available in mid November and the second phase launches mid December.