How Deep Is Your Passion?

Some say that fashion is simply apparel thrown together to make use of appearance. I would say that fashion is the equivalent of extraordinary creativity; the more time and effort you invest, the more likely it gets attention. Some kind of fashion sense is instilled in everyone I believe. For some, that sense is rough and fading. For the rest? Ahhh for the rest of us... that "gift" was molded and crafted into the finest of gems we came to know as art's true essence. Whether we choose to know it or not, this art form saved us. It provided us with the knowledge to understand the ins and outs of the industry, all the while leaving some of us to cope with the insatiable desire to be the next driving force to be reckoned with. The key ingredient to our success and knowing fashion? -the pure passion displayed throughout our ensemble.

Take for instance, the British multi-platinum recording artist Sade. Every time I see this woman grace any page of a magazine, or any other published work, I see someone who chose to embrace her fashion sense in a different way. If you look carefully, you will see that she takes on a beautifully simplistic image while maintaining a sophisticated, classic look. She has no problem rocking the long ponytail as she has for years, and seems to display a demeanor that has no urge to follow the whims of fashion, yet, there's passion in her sense. As a whole, I believe society has been equipped with the proper tools to efficiently carry us into an era where fashion can be at its fiercest. From the veterans of fashion such as Grace Jones, Andre Leon Talley, Karl Lagerfeld, to the innovative creations of the late great Alexander McQueen, to the street styles, and urban fashion we see today in music and television. I can see us taking a step in the right direction daily.

What I see a lot of is individual's aggression in fashion. We all see it everyday, but perhaps you don't fully understand the message coming across so clear. There's a desire to standout, a longing to be in front of the crowd, without penalty, or forewarning. A voice with a need to be heard; an acute sense of urgency. That person gets that message across by wearing some of the most outlandish outfits and hairdos. In short, they are the "it" person you expect something different from at every occasion. For example, Lady Gaga. Everyday designers present something that sparks inspiration and movement to the point where it has a major impact on the people around them. Most of which, for years to come, transcend through time and are deemed classic. To me, its astounding because it was all made possible following the essence of thought and creativity. Together, the two collaborate to invent a work represented by a name incomparable. The thing to be celebrated most about fashion is that it is ever-changing, and perpetually improving every time we open a magazine, turn on our televisions, attend celebrity events or casual soirees, and even our own wardrobes undergo sudden changes as we take on a new identity according to the seasons. Whether or not fashion is what drives us most, there's no harm in challenging our ingenuity and prompting our surroundings for sheer greatness.

We're approaching a beautifully blossoming age of invention and awareness that needs our permanent attention. We owe it to the longevity of fashion.