Soulja Boy pulls move out of Chris Brown's Playbook

Soulja Boy thinks he's a swag daddy? Actually, we think he is swagger jackin'!

Add Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em to the list of artists joining the blonde hair dye craze following recent efforts from R&B star Chris Brown and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy is trying to set a new trend, bleaching his hair blonde... except this is not new; Chris Brown this is months ago and so did Soulja himself. ( I guess he didn't create as much buzz the first time?)

Tip: You won't set a new trend using old tricks...

Note: all three (Wiz, Chris and Soula) are also skinny and rock multiple tattoos. Is it something in the milk?

At least with Wiz, it was only a blonde patch...


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