Urban Fashion 101:How to Choose a Fitted Cap

Choosing a fitted cap has become an overwhelming experience. There are now thousand to choose from You have to consider the fabric, size, team, color, snapback vs fitted, vintage, brands, sport, etc...

This article will help you navigate through all those considerations so you can find the perfect fitted hat.

Before going any further, you need to find out what size your head is. Fitted caps sizes vary but most go by inches and come in sizes like 7 3/8th or 8. Make sure you know your size. If you don't just go to Lids (they're in like every mall).... Ask them to help you determine your size. You also need to decide whether you want to wear a fitted that is your exact size or go a little bigger to get the correct look. See the difference below:

This is the correct way wear a fitted...
Do not bend the brim. If you want the urban look, keep the brim the way it cam when you bought it.

In the picture below, the fitted cap is worn over-sized. If you wear it like this, you will have extra swag. Rapper Juelz Santana often wears his fitteds this way...

Snapback Caps vs Fitted Caps
Snapbacks have the adjustable thing in the back and have a flat top. Fitted aren't adjustable, have stickers with the size, and have a more circular top.

See the difference below:

On the left is the snapback and the fitted cap is on the right.
Snapbacks are throwbacks to the 80s and 90s when they were popular. They have now come back in style, used to complete a urban blipster/hipster retro look.

There are several popular brands:
  • New Era- 59Fifty and True collections are my favorites... New Era is pretty much the official brand for fitteds...
  • Mitchell and Ness
  • Diamond Supply Co.
If you decide you want a vintage cap, you should probably get a snapback. EcapCity is a cool place to shop. They have a good collection of

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