RHOA Nene's New T-shirts: "I'm Very Rich Bitch"

Bye Bye "Occupy All Streets," Hello Rich B*tches. Because the new must have t-shirt of the season...according to NeNe Leakes...is her own ish. See NeNe's new business venture inside and decide if it's worth $150.

NeNe Leakes announced her latest venture on Twitter recently, showing a pic of the tee above and saying:

"Check out I'm Very Rich Bitch T-shirts All Swarovski crystal."

You might recall she sparked this "catch phrase" during a verbal battle with co-star Sheree Whitfield on last week's premiere.

When a follower asked how much they cost, she replied "$150!"

If it worked for Jay Z, why not make it work for Miss Leakes....

Might I add that Nene has lost a little weight and looks stunning?

Below, she posed before appearing on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week.


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