Celebrity Fashion Grind: Urban Style = New Boyz...(Dripping Swag Goo)

The rap group, New Boyz have a dope fashion sense. They have been been channeling that...
skater/blipster/retro swag for a couple years now.

But with their new album, Too Cool To Care, comes a new look which is more polished, adult, and .... frankly uninspiring. 

Hopefully their dressed up fashion fad doesn't last long. But as we transition into 2012,  here's to hoping the New Boyz return to their skinny jeans, vans and snapbacks... But in case they don't let's take a look back at how they helped inspire that 80's throwback swag in us all...

Best of the New Boyz Urban Fashion Style: 

 -loving the sleveless denim jackets!!!

In an interview with AOL's The Boombox in June, they were asked to describe their style. Here's what they said back then...

Legacy: My style changes often. I'm just not stuck on one thing too quick. Like when 'You're a Jerk' first came out, our pants were extra, extra tight. Like they were super tight. Sometimes I look back and I'm like, "Oh yeah, no wonder people used to make fun of this!"

Ben J:
I hate my old videos, pictures and stuff.

Legacy: My style is real, I like going to vintage shops. Low-key stuff. I like to buy '80s clothes and just a bunch of different stuff. I wear snapbacks and just whatever I want to wear. If it's not considered cool, I wear it anyway, if I like it.

Ben J:
Same thing. He [Legacy] got me onto the skinnies when we first started out. Yeah it was funny. I got the football type of body so the skinny jeans were kinda tight on me. Like it kinda looked funny, but you know, as the years went by I was like, "I can't do this no more." So I kinda loosened up a little bit. I would never go back to the super baggy jeans, that's not my thing.

My style is like West coast. Kinda keep it swagging. I like to try different things. If you look at our album cover, we got our suits on deck, but we got the old school snapbacks. I like to wear varsity jackets, because I played football, of course. Crew neck sweaters. I got the rolly chain. I don't really do too much jewelry and stuff, but here and there I like to shine, keep it cool. This is my first time ever wearing boots. That's something new for me. I usually wear Chuck Taylors. Keep it G like a jail P.O.

-Well I see we can blame Legacy for this "change"


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