Designer Spotlight: Puro Pinche Pedo Lifestyle Clothing

When we think of urban fashion or steetwear, we usually think of New York City or London. But this week, UrbFash is spotlighting Puro Pinche Pedo Lifestyle Clothing--a small clothing company based in San Antonio, Texas that represents, as they see it, the "street life". They sell t-shirts, tank tops, caps and beanies for men and women...

We interviewed the company's founder to find out more:

What celebrities have been spotted in Puro Pinche Pedo?
We are still a new company so we haven't gotten there yet. While having a celebrity wearing our gear would be great, we're fine with our fans being the only guys wearing our stuff. It's meant for the homies in the hood more than the people in the Hollywood hills.
What is the inspiration behind your line?
I just got tired of seeing flourescent colors and rhinestones in the guys department. I also wanted to make something that represented my hispanic community. There are plenty of the "funny" type t-shirt out there. We wanted to start something that shows pride in who I am and where I come from.

How did it come about?
I had been toying around with the idea for a while. I knew there were tons of T-Shirt companies out there but, I thought it would be a fun project. At the very least I could make gear I would want to wear.

So where did you get the start-up funds?
I took a bonus that was giving to me by my current employer and rather than pay my bills I sunk it in the company. I don't regret it one bit.

How would you describe your look?
Streetwear. Something you can rock with khaki's and chucks. It's definately not something everyone is gonna feel. We want it to represent all types of hustlers out there. Doesn't have to be negative, people are out there running all kinds of hustles to keep their heads above water. I want this to represent those people.

(Above, model wears the Puro Pinche Pedo Ladies Tank Top)
"This shirt is another nod to my hometown. However, this shirt is gangsta enough for anyone who wants to rock it. Just wanting to wear a dope shirt is plenty enough reason."

Define urban fashion.
I don' think you can define urban fashion. A homeboy in the hood, riding a lowrider may have a completely different opinion from a DJ at a house party. I think it reflects a lifestyle. It's about individuality and avoiding trends. In my opinion it's real fashion.

Are your clothes available in any stores? Where?
We are speaking to a few local stores as of right now but, our product is currently only available on-line. We should have some things confirmed very early next year. People can follow our facebook page for any updates.

My favorite gear from this line is the headgear...especially the beanies. This hat (left) come is red and black and retails for $25.

Your clothes are dope! Do you have a background in design or fashion?
Absolutely not. I started the line with some very basic design because that's what I prefer. We are starting to work with some graphic design artist for the next few t-shirts, still trying to keep it more on the minimal side.

How would you like to see your clothing line grow?
I really would like to start getting into polo style shirts and denim. That's very much down the road but, where I would like things to get to eventually. I don't want to get to the point where I'm not paying attention to detail. I think that's were a lot of people fail. I'm not trying to get rich, it would be nice but, my concern is making something people like and sticks around for a while.

I'm always interested in how you spread the buzz.... What is your biggest and most succesful promotion tool?
Social media for sure. Facebook, tumblr, twitter have all been helpful in getting the clothes out there. It's allowed the company to run with just a website up to this point. We've shipped T's to Massachusetts, Ohio, California all with the help of social media.

Any upcoming fashion shows, appearances we should know about?
Nothing as of now. We are planning for a release party when we create some of the new designs early next year. Again, the fans can follow us on facebook to know when that will happen.

Check out their clothes online:


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