Designer Spotlight: Rebul Collection

I came across some swaggerlicious threads that I just had to share with you. I interviewed the head of Rebul Collection, based out of Miami, Florida.

What is the name of your clothing line?
The name of my clothing line is Rebul Collection. Rebul pronounced "rebel".

What celebrities have been spotted in your clothing?
Being that we are still a fairly new company, we are in the process of getting some celebrities in our stuff, however, many local celebrities such as DVice, Ricky C, DrJet, Quote and many more have rocked it.

What is the inspiration behind your line?
What inspired our line is the all-together Miami urban scene. Everything from music to graffiti present themselves in such a way down in the south, that it’s an on-going inspiration. With Rap at its peak, trendy phrases keep emerging giving us more of a path to success.

How did it come about? Where did you get the start-up funds?
Well, in 2007 Rebul collection was actually called Rebul Clothing. I had it up and running and for a while it did very well…however, when the economic issue came about, we noticed it was the wrong timing…We, since have re-opened much stronger and better than ever...already surpassing expectations.

"Alpaca Chullo" - Light Grey
I love the Rebul Collection's alpaca fleece (pictured above). It's a light-weight, lustrous and silky natural fiber. It is made from alpaca so it is warmer, not prickly, and bears no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic. It is also soft and luxurious. In physical structure, alpaca fiber is somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy, but its softness and fineness enable the spinner to produce satisfactory yarn with comparative ease. It is hollow as well, which makes it a good insulator. Sells on their website for under $15!
 How would you describe your look?
We have a very urban fashion look. Clean, yet loud. The colors are very “in your eye” but the messages are nice and subtle. It’s the type of items that make you look twice…with a whole lot of swag.

Define urban fashion.
Urban fashion to me describes today’s youth. With the music and art portrayed in this day and age.. with swag this…and swag that… it is exactly that; fashion to bring out your inner baller.

"SWAG" white v-neck tee with grey & aqua print, Rebel Collection's most famous design.
It retails for $23 bucks on

Are your clothes available in any stores? Where?
At this present moment, our line is only available online at We will be in local stores by the beginning of 2012.

Do you have a background in design or fashion?
The only background I have is that I am a graphic / web designer. As far as fashion goes...some people are just born with it. Don’t think you can learn that...just like creativity. You’re either born with it or not.

How would you like to see your line grow?
Every entrepreneur would love to see their baby grow to be let’s say, the next “Ed Hardy”. However, I am satisfied at the moment in being a local, home-grown fashion line recognized by those who matter. In the future, I would love to be somewhere in Paris, walk into a random store. And see my items on display.

What is your biggest and most successful promotion tool?
My best promotion tool has got to be social media. With Facebook and Twitter booming, all you need is for a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend… you grow yourself a “legal” pyramid scheme of promotion.

Any upcoming fashion shows, appearances we should know about?
We are in the process of planning out our big release party. This will have a fashion show, performers, food, drinks..and lots of fun. We have a few venues in the works but nothing set in stone, so I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Get to shopping in their online store here: