Getting Your Fashion Business Grind On with AM VICTORIOUS: Starting a Clothing Line with Private Labels

I've been thinking about developing an online retail clothing store and clothing line because it would give me a chance to be my own boss... You kow what I mean I came across a cool site that lets you choose from thousands of items of the best in children's, wedding, home, plus, lifestyle and event merchandise that you have ever seen!

I like their concept... I can browse through their thousands of items---over 15K of them!!! and then buy what I like wholesale to sell on my website. What do you think?

Also, many people have asked me how the whole private label thing works.... Basically, when you're watching Basketball Wives or the Real Housewives of Atlanta and you see these women coming up with handbag, shoe, or dress lines, ite because they are using a private labeling service... 

AM VICTORIOUS offers that service to all you buddinig clothing designers and folks who want to start your own clothing line...

What I love most is that they will even manufacture a small quantity of clothes for a competetive fee..

They offer clothing manufacturing services including private label sewing, full service embroidery, screen printing, pressing and packaging services which meet or exceed quality standards of the domestic cut and sew industry! All their custom garments are made distinctly to our customers’ design specifications.

You can either have us replace their label with yours or design your own brand. It's totally up to you. Adding your Label to their product means you don't have to spend more or time coming up with pattern and out of pocket expenses.

If you are ready to open your own AM VICTORIOUS STORE, click the link below for their application..