My New Fashion Obsession: Hangers by Hanger Corp!!!

If you are looking for the perfect hanger to put away all your new stylish Christmas clothing, how about velvet?

We love this 16" Flat Black Velvet Ladies with notches and super chrome hook by Hanger Corporation... It retails for $4.95 but be prepared to by a lot of them because their is a 25 hanger purchase minimum....

Hanger Corporation is based out of Canoga Park, California and sells clothing hangers online at

They have a great selection of wood, plastic, and velvet hangers for men, women, kids, and even dogs!

For guys, we like something a little more sturdy.... The 17½"x1 Cherry Wood Mens Suit with Brass Hook, Locking Pant Bar hanger by Hanger Corporation is a great choice if you are looking to spruce up the look of your closet...

We love the smooth finish and the luxurious cherry wood color.

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