3 Cool Tees for an Early Spring

So despite the fact that its currently snowing, I am optimistic that an early Spring is in the horizon. And one of my favorite spring activities is tee shopping (shopping for cool t-shirts). If I'm in NYC or LA, I'll usually hit up the vintage shops for some really cool tees but most other times, I will find the best t-shirts by just browsing the web.

I came across this rally cool t-shirt that I can't wait to wear. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. It says "Justice Has Been Done"and is by Damaged Wear.

I'm not really political but I like political themed t-shirts.. (its the hipster in me I guess) This one is dope! It's made from a super breathable cotton.
(Retails for $15 on http://damagedwear.com)

Check out this fresh tank top....

It would make the perfect gym shirt....

Damaged Wear is a crazy, sexy, cool clothing company out of Jersey City... Who said Jersey folks weren't fashionable? If you like tees with 3/4 length sleeves, try this one (Available online for $30).

Check out more cool tees at...  http://damagedwear.com/