Chris Brown is GQ's Worst Dressed Man

Chris Brown needs to "invest in tailoring" according to GQ (UK). Revealing its best dressed men of 2012 issue Monday, GQ says Breezy  is the worst dressed! 

While GQ is a distinguished publication, they really ripped Brown to pieces this time out, telling 'Team Breezy' look away now... 

"For someone who seems to have so much disposable income - he boasts on one track about spending "15 grand on a phone" and charged over $500 for meet-and-greets on his last tour - Brown seems utterly adverse to investing in tailoring, combining the worst excesses of XXL sizing with a penchant for deeply unflattering costumes," reports GQ. "Sorry "Team Breezy", but you may have to look away now..." 

I think they made a mistake... Chris Brown is an urban style icon, setting urban fashion trends....

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