How to Accessorize on a Budget

Are you in a tight squeeze? Need the perfect accessories to complete your look but don't have much to spend? Well then i have discovered your new best friend! Its called Five Dollar Divas.

All their fashion accessories are 5 bucks or less... like this hot animal print slim zebra wallet (picture below)

or these retro fashion sunglasses
You can wear these on your next date to the ball game or the club. Totally helps with glare from field or from the you'll look totally retro!

Check out more of their fashionable accesories at:

What I like most about Five Dollar Divas is their Accessories for A's program.

“Accessories for A’s” was put in place to encourage young women to achieve academic excellence by literally giving away fashion accessories for an A grade. 

With each order placed on the Five Dollar Divas website, a free accessory is given away to teens between the ages of 13-18 that show proof of their report card grade by emailing it to a representative at the Five Dollar Divas office. Candidates can also post grade info on the Five Dollar Divas Facebook fan site.


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