An Interview with Peter Green, the man behind the Volga Verdi fashion brand

I'm always a fan of dope, colorful tees. And I was honored to get to chat with the head of Volga Verdi, an independent contemporary fashion brand from California specializing in "superbright" clothing design and manufacturing. 

"Explicit Content" Tee by Volga Verdi
It retails for $40 on
It was conceived as a source of unexpected and bright clothing pieces for progressive fashion-crowd, including hip & club public, style-geeks, people with an urge for movement, evolvement, or anybody else looking to escape from greyness and plunge into vibrant color joy.

The t-shirts (like the one pictured above) are fresh.... they look like they could be hung on a wall...

Tell me about yourself and your products...

My name is Peter, I've worked in advertising, in cinema, journalism, design, art, but I always wanted to create tangible and significant things. 

Volga Verdi is the first child, being a role-model brand, an vehicle for my experiments in marketing, design, etc. I have many ideas that I want to try and realize under this pseudonym.

How did you get started?

I started from scratch in 2010 without knowing anything about fashion or clothing or having anyone to ask for advice. 
I see millions of imperfections, to say the least, in the world and I want to make it better, clothing is a place to start.

Where do you see your company going in 2012?

I see it growing 4 times, financially,
I see us releasing another mens collection, girls collection and hopefully start the accessories/jewelry line.

What are some of your influences? inspirations?

Everything inspires me, as long as it's extraordinary.
ALL the creative fields (architecture, street art, video art , fine art, reality art, photography, graphic design, music, cinema, you name it), sciences (mostly astronomy, physics, math), philosophy, politics, social studies and psychology, fashion obviously, history in some aspects, medieval times… 

What is your best selling product?

For the moment the two best sellers are the Arbre Solaris shirt and the Head Of David. 
"Head of David" Volga Verdi t-shirt
The Peaceful Invaders is following them closely...
Peaceful Invaders t-shirt.
 This colorful  Volga Verdi tee is made with 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton
All of their tees are produced in California.
Where can we find your products?

You can find them across the world — from Russia to California, but to be sure the right design and size is in stock - buy directly of web store!