Lil Wayne Launches a Clothing Line-Trukfit

Rapper Lil Wayne has been an urban fashion trendsetter since he entered the game. Now he's getting in on the business side of things.. helping others discover their inner swag.

The rapper recently hosted a launch party for his new clothing line, Trukfit

Dressed in red plaid drawstring pants, a bright pink T-shirt, matching hat and a pair of moon boots designed by the artist Terence Koh for Opening Ceremony and Forfex, he took his place in a booth behind a gauzy curtain and a security guard. 

Trukfit is an acronym for “The Reason You Kill For It.”

Below are some of the looks from Weezy's new clothing line:

Lil Wayne's skate friendly clothing lineTrukfit, is  here. Thundercup has photos of Weezy F. Baby's new line which features skate deck, baseball hats and tees. The line is inspired by Tunechi's passion for skateboarding (he dedicates a segment to the sport on his weekly 'Weezy's Sport's Corner' online sports show).


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