5 Belts I LOVE For Swag Style

Yo, if you want to show off your swaggerliciousness, then you should check out my list of the ten belts that show off swag style:

I love this colorful Fendi Buckle Leather Belt....

Not sure how "authentic" it is but its DOPE! I've seen it sold online for like $80 to 100: http://www.bolots.com/fendi-muticolor-doublesided-available-belt-p-8121.html

I also like the classic Louis Vuitton monogram belt.
It give you that urban appeal when you rock it with the right threads.....

I also like this army fatigue Louis Vuitton Belt!
And lastly, this canvas Gucci Belt
Gucci belt


  1. The existing pic would be great if it were real, but since its a fake - LV never made a belt like that, guess its not so great.

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