Bracelets that are all the Charm!

So, for all of those folks that have been admiring celebrity trendsetters like Kim Kardashian in charm bracelets, we'll show you how to get your style on too...

Probably the best known celebrity to rock charm bracelets is Mariah Carey. She even had an album called "Charmbracelet"

There is a really cool charm bracelet collection from Cutey, a new company founded by UK jewelry designer, Ashley Peach.

One of my favorite pieces of theirs is the Momus Charm Bracelet (pictured below).  It contains a range of unique beads and has a retro/vintage feel to is. Momus comes with a range of charms and beads that provide a beautiful wrist accessory.
Momus Charm Bracelet by Cutey.
But if you like this piece, named after primordial Greek deity, you better buy it now because Cutey is already experiencing high demand for its bracelets despite them having been on the market  for such a short time.

You can check them out at