Designer Spotlight: Genuine by Anthony

Genuine by Anthony is a fresh and innovative clothing line introduced in the market by renowned designer Anthony D Hooks Jr.  I got a chance to ask him some questions for our designer spotlight. Here's what Anthony told us....

Where did you come up with the name? It was pretty hard at first but then I thinking… I wanted my brand to be authentic as possible to the material, color and design, so “Genuine” popped in my head and that was it. Then of course Anthony came in right after.

What celebrities have been spotted in Genuine by Anthony? I had the chance to have Chachi Gonzales from America’s Next Best Dance Crew (Season 6) to wear my clothing, thanks to Dominique Gonazles which is her sister.

What is the inspiration behind your line? I was always inspired to create my own clothing line. Just to see others in your designs that you create just makes you feel good inside. It’s not about the money. It’s the feeling that you inspired someone to wear something that’s your creativity.
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How did it come about? Where did you get the start-up funds? Well I work full-time as a Design Supervisor but I’m also a Freelance Designer, so I just saved up my money and just took my time on developing my line.

How would you describe your look? I try to describe my look as street-wear but also casual type fashion. Where you can be a skateboarder but you can also be able to go to cocktail party, nice lounge or even a club.

Define urban fashion? Urban Fashion to me is a type of street fashion that’s personal to you, which is not really mainstream but more ethnic.
Are your clothes available in any stores? No, just currently online. Currently in the process at looking at current retailers that might be interested. 

Do you have a background in design or fashion? Yes, I have a bachelor’s degree in 3d animation art & design.  I’ve also designed for other clothing lines back in the day as well as marketing material for branding, ad campaigns, posters, websites, fliers and more.

How would you like to see your line grow? I would love to see it grow… my focus mainly to get my brand into retail stores. I do look into the future of what I would like it to become but I try to take little steps at a time before I dream over the edge.

What is your biggest and most successful promotion tool?  Marketing and Designing outside the box to get customer attention.

Any upcoming fashion shows, appearances we should know about? Not yet but coming soon.

You can check out the Anthony's clothing line here:


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