My 5 Must Haves from the March 2012 Issue of GQ

#5 & #4

The Hugo Boss black leather duffle bag with the diamond waffle impressions from page 58.
I must have this bag so I can be stuntin' like my Diddy on my way into the gym!

But this then brings us to #4 which I think will go well with my new bag.... The are those dopalicious olive green sweatpants by T by Alexander Wang on page 86. They're like $150 bucks but what will we pay in the name of urban swag!
I also love this gray longsleeve jersey knit sweatshirt by the Gap from page 69.

In the magazine, it's paired with some yellow skiny jeans from their 1969 collection...though I'm not sure I can pull on the jeans, but I'm gonna definitely rock the shirt...

The Michael Jacksonesque military dress jacket by John Varvatos found on page 110. I love this jacket though I can only dream about buying this.. First off, its too damn expensive. It'll set you back too many stacks! But also, its not the kinda jacket you cab rock twice.

There is a super slim sports jacket (which are gonna go hard this Spring). Its by Trey Songz in the magazine on page 179. From the Merona for Target collection, it lets you get in on this look for only $45! So I'll be snagging this today...
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