All About the Scoop Neck Tee

"Sanctified Desired Scoop Tee" by Romeo & Revenge
So, I'm getting ready to fly to LA and I'm trying to get my t-shirt game together....

I love this grey scoop/deep V design made with high quality lightweight cotton. Made to Sit loosely on your shoulders &  fit firmly on your chest to give a muscle fit look. I'm still working on the muscles part but I love the scoop. It gives the shirt that extra sophisticated look. Its by Rome & Revenge, a UK based clothing company that creates cutting edge fashions for citizens of the world. 

I wish I could get this shirt in time for my trip; its part of their Spring/ Summer 2012 Collection (maybe they'll send me one :-) If and when I do, I'll take a pic in it and post it on my Tumblr account. They're "Distinct Collection" is coming out later this month.

I also love this long sleeve "Risen Desired" tee... especially the black oval cotton detailing down on the bottom of the sleeve. You can check out more of their fashions on their online boutique at: