Designer Spotlight: Clifton Clothing... Makers of Leavers Hoodies

Clifton Clothing are designers & manufacturers of luxury leisurewear clothing, performance sportswear and bespoke accessories that are 100% made to order to meet customers individual style and design requirements.  

What so cool about them is that you can re-create any item from their range with your colors, logos and bespoke design touches such as printed linings. Their leavers hoodies give a group of friends the chance commemorate their graduation with long lasting and high quality clothing. They can customize their hoodies with the year of graduation, school or college crest and colors of their choice. If you look closely at the numbers that make up the graduation year you will see it’s made up of the names of all the names of the group of friends, alternatively entirely bespoke designs can be created! 

We sat down to interview and give them a designer spotlight....

What celebrities have been spotted in Clifton Clothing?
We are certain many celebrities have secret stashes of our clothing but none have yet been caught on camera, with a new PR team joining us next month we're certain they will be less shy!

So...what is the inspiration behind your line?
We started out at a UK university where poor quality customised clothing was the accepted norm. We decided to bring out our own simple collection of well made hoodies and joggers, what started as a hobby is now a full time enterprise with nationwide customers and over 80 full time employees!

How did it come about? Where did you get the start-up funds?
Initially we only sold to friends on campus, but slowly our brand spread via word of mouth. Within 3 months we were selling to everyone on campus! Our webstore now sells to universities across the UK and we’ve taken orders from around the world.

How would you describe your look?
Creativity is at our core. Our customers can customise any item from our range to get the exact look they’re after - we lean towards the classic preppy look that epitomises the understated style of UK and US university life, whilst including modern touches that pay homage to current UK fashion trends.
Leavers Henley in red...available at

Define urban fashion.
Urban fashion is a fusion of styles that generally arises in any area where cultures meet. It’s something that is practical and can be worn regularly. Our brand was born on campus. It is worn by people from all walks of life, coming from countries across the globe. We have developed our brand to provide our customers with something that they can wear every day and still stand out.

Are your clothes available in any stores? Where?
Online through our site and select resellers. The range of colours, patterns and designs you can have makes our webstore the “go to place” for customised clothing.

Do you have a background in design or fashion?
I have always been interested in design and see brands as fascinating creatures but never anticipated owning a clothing company!

How would you like to see your line grow?
We would like to grow the line organically in response to customer demand, simultaneously we look to always improve the current line-up to ensure every item remains fresh and relevant.  We are just launching our Performance Sportswear range after 6 months of length R&D.

 What is your biggest and most successful promotion tool?
People wearing our clothes. When friends see the quality and customisation they want Clifton Clothing.

 Any upcoming fashion shows, appearances we should know about?
 We'll keep you posted!


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