From Record Producer to Clothing Designer

Producer Ekow Armah has taken some of his label's iconic artwork and used it to create some of what he describes as 'funky house merchandise'. Click onto an icon, whether it is a logo or the artwork itself and see how that transforms into a T shirt, hoodie, accessory bag or cap (+lots more). This meets the needs of the funky house fashionistas, EKA/Indiscretion fans and those that simply like that type of fashion. There's something for everyone!

Producer Ekow Armah set up UK based Big Groove Records in the early part of 2006. It produces as he puts it, "soulful ballads and funky house " music. But now he's branching into the clothing business. Big Groove has produced fashion items that reflects their brand and iconic artists trax artwork.

Check out their website at: 

There is all sorts of merchandise ranging from bags, hoodies, tees, and caps