For an Extra Layer of Flair, Try a Hand Painted Silk Scarf

Eye Catching Bright Orange, Golden Yellow SILK SCARF.
Hand Painted by Joan Reese with splashes of green. 
Sometimes you plan out the perfect outfit and then look in the mirror only to see blah....
Okay... So you add a few accessories--earrings, a necklace, maybe switch your purse. All in an effort to give your look that extra kick. If you are looking for an extra layer of flair, I have found just the right thing to add..... A scarf!

And not just any scarf, but try a hand painted silk scarf. If you're looking for a good first place to start,  artist Joan Reese has a fabulous collection of one of a kind hand painted silk scarves that wont break the bank!

And if you do choose to grab one, I'd snatch the beautiful jewel tone silk scarf pictured to the left.

You can wear as a scarf, a shawl (for all my West Coast ladies), a sarong (for the daring) or as a head scarf...

Joan Reese paints these scarves with imported French dyes. YESSSSS!!!! And they are hand hemmed. She is influenced by Asian, floral,abstract and geometric motifs.

And this one can be snagged for just $50 (FOR A HAND PAINTED ONE OF A KIND?????)

Perhaps its because Ms. Reese's online boutique is based out of New York City, the fashion capital of the world, that her scarves are so chic and elegant.

And if this will be your first silk scarf, a great place to learn all the fabulous ways to tie a scarf is The Ultimate Scarf Tying Guide. But if you're ready to buy a whole book, you can get some quick instructions for different styles here.

And don't forget to check out Joan's scarves on Etsy.