Perfect Party Dresses

Ok, so for all my ladies looking for the perfect ooo-wow-wow dress for the club,  you need to check out Started by Kevin Campbell, a entrepreneurial college student from North Carolina, omgnight has a nice selection of fab party dressed that will make you say OMG! OMGnight is for the trendy and happy-go-lucky girl on the run to the party...

Kevin, an avid reader on new trends (technology & clothing) who enjoys online shopping said..."my step-father managed hundred of apparel factories and he taught me the business, basically what's good quality and what isn't. This prompted me to enter business and start my own little clothing store."

I love this sleeveless sympathy dress. Made with spandex and a little polyester for comfort and skin perspiration, it features faux suede, sleeveless dress with exposed cut-out on back & zipper accent!

What inspires you?
The sight of a city. I grew up in a big metropolitan area half my life. With time I learned apparel is part of a culture and even the community. Sounds strange, but it's true. This concept applies everywhere. Local cultures dictate habits, and cities do that, they are no exception.

How did you start out in this business?
This is a bit complicated (but it worked out well!). During my time in the city, my step-father traveled constantly. I spent much quality time with my mother. Shopping was her thing (it wasn't for me then though) but she taught me many things about clothing at a young age. When I hit my teens, my step-father was thrown of his industry: apparel. Yep, my step-father was in the apparel business for over 30 years. During that time, he taught me the reality of the industry, and the core of everything: business. Many designers and concept artists don't think of their runway (no pun intended) as a business, but it has to be. I don't consider myself an artist, I’m an entrepreneur. However, I need to have fun so I picture what’s best for my line and I go for it.

How do you see your line evolving? focuses on elegant and urban clothing for night-trendy women. My main focus on the long-run is value dresses for those nights girls want to have fun. None of my dresses will be more than $50, period. Really, in tough times young responsible city-goers want value with style. Sounds too simple, but that’s my vision. As for the short-term, I’m expanding with affordable accessories and graphic urban tees. Women love graphic tees.

If you could have a celebrity model for your clothing, who would it be?
Oh, man, tough question. How about Britney Spears? I’ve always had a thing for her and (in my opinion) she fits well in anything. My friends think I’m weird but oh well, I like being weird.

Any upcoming fashion shows?
It would be very cool , but I don’t think that’s my field. The core fashion world is brutal and (believe it or not) very much unrelated from the apparel world. Although, it is a potential long-term goal.

To see more of the club gear, check out Kevin's site at


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