DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Major Threads Clothing

You know I'm an addict when it comes to new threads. So I was super-excited when the folks behind the new urban based clothing company, Major Threads asked me to check out their line!

Major Threads Clothing is an independent, West Coast based, black owned clothing company that was recently launched and has been getting some major media attention.

The folks behind Major Threads were recently featured on 101.FM in Arizona, landing an exclusive interview.

And they've already got DJ Ramses Ja rockin a Major Threads tee on the December 2011 cover of Arizona Gaming Guide.

And their signature sweatshirt is the "Threaded Bull"... It features this dope graphic of a red ball of yard with eyes and horns and is vaguely similar to the Chicago Bulls logo. The sleeves feature the slogan, "stay threaded."

The Threaded Bull Crewneck Sweatshirt by Major Threads Clothing retails on their website for around forty beans but I can promise you that because they are a new clothing line, you will be trendsetting in the streets of your hood with this joint! Get it here:

I also love this t-shirt they have that plays on the whole WonderBread thing. See below:

And this cotton tee is on sale right now for $19.99.

What is the inspiration behind your clothing line?
The Inspiration behind my line definitely comes from the lord above and my mother, she has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. I was around it my whole life and basically was just waiting for that day to actually put everything into existence.
Tell me about the threads!
Well we are a clothing line based out of Carson California. Are brand is an urban street wear, sneaker loving, sports junkie, and hip hop inspired type of clothing line.

Where is this line going to be in 3 years?

Major Threads in 3 years… Well the goal is to be in stores worldwide and to just become a successful business. Hopefully open my own boutique.

Define Urban Fashion.
Urban Fashion to me is self expression. There is no right or wrong, a lot of the times you dress on how your feeling that day.
Any upcoming fashion shows, appearances, events?
Yea, we plan on attending a couple of shoe conventions this summer in LA. Also working on a couple events in AZ this summer with DJ Ramses Ja. No fashion shows at the moment, but we will be in a store called New World Culture out of AZ starting this summer and working on a couple more places so stay tuned.
Any advice for up-and-coming or aspiring fashion designers?
Just have persistence in what ever it is, your brand will go as far as you let it.

So, if you're feeling major and want to invest a couple dollars in some entrepreneurs and look fresh while you support real urban fashion, get the latest updates and releases from Major Threads
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