Jennifer Williams and her Lucid Cosmetics

By now I'm sure you know reality television star Jennifer Williams, who appears on VH1's Basketball Wives has a cosmetics line called Lucid Cosmetics.  Wonder how well its doing...

Jennifer says when she started developing my lip gloss she was asked “What will make Lucid Lip Gloss different from others? What will make Lucid Lip Gloss special?”... I immediately answered that one definition of the word Lucid is “shining or bright”. Lucid lip gloss will surpass “Shining or Bright”. Lucid Lip Gloss is brilliant, dazzling, luminous, lustrous, radiant and splendid. I have put so much of my energy and love into this project that it has allowed me to find my clarity." my Lucid moment. I never go anywhere without my Lucid Lip Gloss and I hope that you won’t either.”
If you want to check it out and let us know if is as radiant and dazzling as the reality star says it is, she tweeted a promo code that you can use "SHIP" that you can use to get free shipping through May 25th!!

Check out Chrissie's review below: (She isn't thrilled with the products)