DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Goodbye Sober Day Clothing

So,  I caught up with the folks at Goodbye Sober Day, a dope, young independent clothing company started by some street kids that embraced the lifestyle of Miami-Dade County just doing whatever they want to do, and having no boundaries doing so. I'm really feeling their vibe and the look of their threads so I decided to give them a designer spotlight...

Tell me about the line...
Its called Goodbye Sober Day. We get our influence from cartoons,video games, graffiti, skateboarding and "Paper Planes". Goodbye Sober Day is a brand that most people enjoy, due to the fact that we represent everyone, from the gamer to the hip hop head. Our products are self explanatory and to the point... we don't sugar coat anything, and I think that's one of the reasons why people really fuck with us. We just plainly take are gear to the next level and were not scared doing so. 
"This shirt  (left) represents grinding for your goal, just like the Hedgehog chasing for his rings, We chase that scrilla."
Our site is

Have any celebs, rappers, or athletes worn ur clothes?
Yes we actually had Gudda Gudda rocking one of our tees, and we hooked up Malice from the Clipse, as well as A$ap Twelvy and A$ap Rocky. We also hooked up Brisco from Cash Money/Poeboy. 

A$AP Twelvy rockin the GSD tee.

Rapper A$AP Rocky posing with Goodbye Sober Day T-shirt.

YMCMB rapper, Gudda Gudda poses in "Knuckles" tee by Goodbye Sober Day.

Cash Money Records, Poe Boy Entertainment artist, Brisco

Malice from The Clipse get ready to swag out with a Goodbye Sober Day tee
Where are u based out of?
Miami, Florida.

Who is the CEO? Who designs the clothes?
The CEO is Keeks he also designs some of the tees, but mostly we worked with Rabbit who is a freelance graphic designer from Miami, and recently we worked with Panek who is also a freelance desginer and owner of

Have ya'll been featured in any fashion shows?
Yes Local Fashion shows in Miami, I'd say we had three so far.

Where did u come up with the idea for a clothing line?
Its something I always wanted to do, since I was a kid I always loved street fashion, Bape and Billionaire Boys Club really set the spark also to be honest, Nigo and Pharell are my idols, those guys really blew my mind with their work, and it just motivated me to start my own line.

Where did u get the funding?
Myself, I worked and save money, and everything I saved I invested it on Goodbye Sober Day.

Goodbye Sober Day represents swag to the fullest. Check out more of their swagggerific, dope fashions at