Hood vs. Hipster

I am soooo tired of the baggy pants. I mean really? That was so last decade; yet some stragglers still won't buy into the skinny jeans, snapbacks, and Vans sneakers or Toms shoes....

To them I say-- you're a lost cause. But for those of you that are embracing urban fashion as it stands in 2012, this Wiz, Wayne, and Tyga; not Waka, Wale, or T.I.

T-shirts are out! Tank tops are in
Baggy pants are done; Skinny jeans are the dopiness...
Jordans are still SWAG

Fitteds are still cool, but snapbacks are cooler....


  1. Mayne tf !! Dis shiets gay asf ! Real nikkahs don't wear skinny jeans fck dat hipster swag shiet lol


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