Is Lil Kim Trying to Transform Into a Chunky Beyonce?

Lil Kim performed last weekend at LA Pride Fest in Los Angeles, California.  But the 37 year old female rapper looked noticeably different from even her usually overdone self.

It is clear that Lil Kim has had her share of visits to the plastic surgeon and many have also speculated for years that she, like Michael Jackson and Sammy Sosa, has bleached her skin to give her a lighter appearance.  But it looks as if now she's taking things a step further.

Lil Kim looks like a chunky Beyonce or a broke down Gaga... Has anyone a clue of what she is trying to do? Once known for her sex appeal, and love for fashion, she's starting to look like the cat lady.
Look at the pic below.  Even her background dancer seems confused and disgusted by her appearance...