Designer Spotlight: Lux Division; Not Your Typical Streetwear Brand

As you know, UrbFash is constantly scouring the urban fashion world looking for up-and-coming designers and streetwear brands.  Today we bring you Lux Division which I will say, is not your typical streetwear brand.

Charlemagne or “Charles the Great” personifies Lux Divison’s ideological pillars
Each Lux Division design has a meaning and a reason; "to spread enlightenment throughout the streetwear community, because at the end of times, the learners will rule the earth," company reps explained. Left, is the Charlemagne (not the radio DJ) t-shirt in white. You can learn more about who Charlemagne is on their website and blog here.

"In changing times, when the values of mankind shifted into ignorance and despair, there was a light. An organization devoted to the promotion of wisdom and intelligence. Disciples of the Lux Division strive to spread knowledge and literacy throughout the world and encourage the young and old alike to flee from the idiocy that is so rampant. Rising up against incognizance with revolutionary thought and strength, ever striving to bring about the end of serfdom and servitude, and giving hope to those who will one day rule the world. Lux Division leads humanity forward into the golden age of enlightenment."

"The Almighty Lux" Tee by Lux Division (front & back)
I'm all for fashion with a message.  But even if you're not ready to ride with Lux "into the golden age of enlightenment" you must admit that these tees are not your ordinary looking joints--meaning you'll definitely get some double takes! And while you're shopping their website, you can learn some much needed history. That way, when peeps ask about tour shirt, it becomes a whole conversation piece.  All their shirts are dope but my favorite is the "Nemesis" tee, worn below. (It also comes in black)
The Greek goddess Nemesis, who distributes retribution and fortune, became Lux Division’s symbol to draw strength and inspiration.

You can learn more about Lux Division at