Silver is for My Fashion Junkies, Urban Fashionistas, and Swaggerlicious Trendsetters

Sterling Silver Arrow Earrings available on

With the prices of gold skyrocketing, a gold necklace or set of earrings is becoming out of reach for many of our loyal readers. So its no surprise the sales of sterling silver are on the rise. In this post, we'll check out some of the hottest urban fashion accessories available in sterling silver. And tow of our fashion junkies (thx Christina and Ryan), have the perfect site which sells tons of sterling silver jewelry.
Its called Fashion Junkie 4 Life.

Petite Skull Sterling Silver Earrings
They've got this fresh pair of skull earrings (shown left) that will look sick with a black tank top, some skinny's and a pair of Vans sneakers. They're petite sized, 4mmx4mm, and are made our of .925 Sterling Silver.

And because they're studs, they are cool for a guy or a girl to wear.

Sterling silver can also act as a base metal for precious stones. You dont always have to choose platinum or white gold. Sterling Silver is an option as well. And some folks (my dad being one) are allergic to some metals (usually gold). In those instances, sterling silver is the alternative for sensitive skin.

If skulls are not your thing, then check out this blingtastic ring (pictured above). I love the luxurious look of this sterling silver White Crystal Band. Christina says, the ring "has to be the most gorgeous ring in my entire collection. I wear this on a daily basis and get nothing but compliments, and I am sure you will too! It's super shiny and super blingy!" I have to agree. And its only $60!

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