Style Feature: Moomdaddy

Born Eric Vick in Boston, Massachusetts, rapper Moomdaddy is making waves on the East Coast with his rapping style--similar to Lupe Fiasco, but with Lil Wayne's beat selection. He and his crew "Reel Lyfe Society" have been blowing up social media not only with their music but also the fashion game.  Moomdaddy sat down to chat with UrbFash with his music, creativity, and fashion style himself...

So tell me about how you came into the game...
 - I came in like how I THOUGHT everybody came in. From actually listening to lyrics and emotions put into music. After hearing the rebellious sounds of KRS-1, smooth serenades of LL Cool J, and incredible story telling and flows of Notorious B.I.G., I knew hip hop would live in me for a long time. I just knew it would take patience and dedication to make a career of it.

Moomdaddy's Sweater by Club Room V-Neck Sweater
Dress Shirt by Nautica Plaid Dress Shirt
Tee by Hanes
Jeans by American Eagle Boot Cut Denims
Shoes by Sperry Top-Siders Boat Shoes

How would you describe your clothing style?
- Unorthodox. I feel as if dressing like everybody else doesn't show creativity or leadership perhaps! I like leading by choice and if I dress like everybody else, I'm just another follower.

What inspires your choice in threads? - Young people or peers of mine seeing me and asking "what kind of shoes are you wearing" or "who tied that bow-tie for you?" The thought of showing people they can dare to be different inspires my choice of gear.

Favorite pair of kicks? Why?
- My favorite pairs of kicks would have to be Sperry Top-Siders. Comfy, and they can be worn for nearly ANY occasion, except when I'm in the gym playing ball. Plus, they aren't the top craved shoes, so I don't have to be camping out on Wednesday to buy only one pair on Saturday mornings.

   Hat by Kangol
   Shirt: Rugby Polo Plaid Design
   Tee by Hanes
   Jeans by Levi 501 Denims
   Shoes by Sperry Top-Sider Shoes, Authentic
     Original Oil Cloth Chukkas (Khaki/Corduroy)


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