Urban Chic Without Breaking the Bank

BREAKING  FASHION NEWS..... You can look fly and still have coins in your purse!

A friend just told me about MISSREBEL. Its a UK based an online women's fashion retailer offering trendy, unique, special ladies fashion clothes and accessories...And we all know the Brits are always two years ahead of the fashion scene.

Lets be honest, fashion changes everday and so this site is cool because they are always adding beautiful women's clothes and accessories that won't interfere with your rent money! Like these graffiti print leggings.

Ladies, I also love these Aztec Print Leggings. And remember, prints are in... especilally tropical, Aztec, Mayan, Hawaiian, And animal prints.

Both are sold on missrebel.co.uk for £9.99. If you're shopping in the US, that's about $15 which is an absolute steal!

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