A New Way to Try on Clothes Online

There is an exciting new way to try on clothes. Its the most creative, fast and easy way to wear online anything you would like to put on.  Go to Modalines.com,  upload your photo now and enjoy yourself!

On  Modalines, you can try on the clothes available on the model and on your photo!
The options of the clothes change according to current fashion trends and seasons. The style of chosen clothes can be modified based on your feedback.  Modalines consists of a new method of stylization tailored to your own image. After a long design study and research, Modalines got the patent in 2001 in Italy and is expecting to achieve it at European level soon.

Your photos will be seen only by you, will be stored in your personal page, to which no one will have accessIn order to use your photo and then save the result, unload, print or share it with your friends, you have just to register yourself.