Kmart Newest Lineup of Back-to-School Protege Affordable Sneakers [VIDEO]

Shopping for clothes for back to school can be difficult and also incredibly expensive. As you already know, UrbFash always tries to put you on to a range of styles and fashions. So when I saw this video about Protege, I  had to share it with you... Its so cute!

Kmart launched some affordable sneakers called Protege and the inspirational video, overseen by world-renowned music video director, Clifton Bell, made me want to go buy a pair these kicks for my lil nephew!

-Check out this video....

Inspired by the brand’s newest lineup of back-to-school Protege sneakers, the video captures the relentless sacrifices of a four-year-old boy as he strives to become a basketball superstar. The dual illustration of hard work and determination invokes personal inspiration within each viewer as they empathize with the young boy working towards his dreams and striving to be the best he can be.

The stylish, yet affordable Protege sneaker plays a key role in his journey to greatness as it provides him with the quality and durability of a well-made performance shoe needed for his rigorous cultivation.  The flair and custom design of the Protege sneaker, along with its reasonable price tag, makes it a “must have” for back-to-school and throughout the year.

To check out all the Brand New Protege Styles Available Now For Boys & Men, click the link below:


  1. cool video. And I like the concept. All sneakers don't need to cost $200!


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