Streetwear Spotlight: Lil Wayne Explains Why He Named His Clothing Line "TrukFit" [VIDEO]

While released to the public in March, Rapper Lil Wayne debuted his Trukfit clothing line at S.L.A.T.E. last week in Las Vegas.

Held at the MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas, S.L.A.T.E. is an annual, curated gathering of progressive streetwear labels from the skate, surf, art and music communities which spotlights the fashion and lifestyles of those inspiring the trends of tomorrow. Full of color, patterns and swag, Trukfit threads were on display.

JackThreads co-founder Jason Ross grabbed the one and only Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. at the MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas to talk about TRUKFIT, Weezy's new skate-inspired clothing line.

In the interview he talks about why he named the clothing line "Trukfit."


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