Should Men Wear Spanx?

Spanx for Men, Cotton Compression Deep V-Neck
This morning I was watching Good Morning America and they had a segment on body shapers for teens. This was a controversial debate but I must admit I was swayed by the arguments in favor of the form fitting device.  But that got me thinking.... If they're good for moms, and teen girls, why not for men?

I mean, I'm the first to admit that I enjoy my fair share of hamburgers, pizza, and other late night snacks. And working late at the office, I never seem to find time to get to those sit-ups. So, as I squeezed into my skinny jeans this morning and watched my muffin top and love handles poke through my tight v-neck tee, I thought--perhaps I too could get some spanx.

So, I ask you... Should men wear spanx? Certainly they can.... But should they?

Spanx by  Sara Blankley has a whole line of body shapewear for men called "manx"...

Look at the Before & After pictures of a man with a gut who wears "Manx"

This "compressionwear".. yea... that sounds more manly.... firms the chest and gives you the appearance of a narrower wasitline. The guy in the "after" picture is wearing a cotton control crew-- a $58 white t-shirt that is supposed to give you a "body-skimming fit for a pulled together feeling," according to

I'll test this stuff out and update this post...


  1. I think you did such a wonderful job on this collection, they all look so Handsome!!

  2. All this looks great! I am a big fan of online shopping so take care of various factors before placing the order for that. Just bought the sports bra and leggings from Lululemon and was able to save huge money because there was a grand sale offer.


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