Upgrade Your Style with Some Cool Cufflinks

An easy way to add an extra level of swag to your style is to upgrade to shirts with cuffs so that you can show off some wrist bling--cufflinks. Yes...besides a nice watch, you can blow up your wrists by wearing a nice pair of cufflinks.  

For the weekend, I like to go bold and colorful, like these pink and silver cufflinks
Pink and silver cufflinks from gift4him.com
Normally when you choose a shirt, you have two choices. 
The first is the standard Barrel cuff which is what you see on most shirts.  It is just a band of fabric fastened with one button (single barrel) or two buttons (double barrel).

But instead opt for the second choice-- a shirt with the French cuff.  These are the style worn with cuff links.  It is a double piece of fabric folded over on itself and secured with cuff links.  While these may seem a bit stuffy or fussy, they are very much in style and do not need to be worn only with a suit jacket.
 When you're ready to pick out your wrist candy, a good site to go to for cufflinks is gift4him.com

Here are a couple of my favorite, fun cufflinks:

I love these Rectangular stainless steel cufflinks with screw design.

or these blingy gemstone filled half oval cufflinks, especially because they're under $15.