Urban Fashion Designer Spotlight: TheLuxClub

One of the things I love about living in LA is the fashion scene. I'm always coming a cross dope new clothing lines. The lastest to join my list of faves is TheLuxClub.  With their laid back, hipsterish tees and tanks, its no surprise that the threads are already finding themselves sold out online.

TheLuxClub “IV” Tee
TheLuxClub is the brainchild of fashion designers and bloggers Budda and Hamdu, who run the popular Tumblr blog, thlxclub. Since moving to Cali, I've become something of a snapback and tank top loyalist, but the TheLuxClub "IV" tee has got me ready to move like Jagger.

The company has already been featured on Muck Fogley and the swagged out dudes behind their  new project have healthy Twitter followings. So, there's no doubt this  urban fashion clothing line will stand out from all the others.

I also love the swaggerific TheLuxClub “V” Tank Top. With its multi-colored graphics, this tank will definitely give you the street style while keeping you cool. It retails on their online shop for around $30 bucks. And its somewhat of a limited edition... since there are only 50 pieces. Perfect if you want to make sure you wont walk in to the pool party with someone else biting your style.

TheLuxClub “V” Tank Top

Support young urban fashion entrepreneurs and snag some threads from TheLuxClub.
Link to the Store: http://thlxclb.bigcartel.com/
Link to the LookBook: http://theluxclub.tumblr.com/
Link to Tumblr: http://thlxclb.tumblr.com/


  1. It's spelt THELUXCLUB together, duhhhhhhhhhh !

  2. Very proud to see this keep up the great work guys

  3. At this time I want to congratulate u and say I couldn't be more proud of u guys keep up the great work luv yah MOM!!!!

  4. So proud of you. This is just the beginning.

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  6. Thank alot for the post, you'll see alot more from us soon.. really soon.

  7. we need more THLXCLB stuff..

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